NASA discovered 10 exoplanets in one and a half months, 6 are bigger than Jupiter

Jammu: Only 6 weeks have passed so far this year, but the US space agency has discovered 10 exoplanets since the end of the year. NASA is already shedding light on distant and mysterious worlds.

NASA discovered 10 exoplanets in one and a half months, 6 are bigger than Jupiter-min

Exoplanets planets outside our solar system

According to the news of The Sun, exoplanets are planets outside our solar system. Thousands of such exoplanets have been discovered since the 1980s. NASA provides opportunities to better understand the evolution of the universe as well as potential locations of life.

6 out of ten exoplanets are bigger than Jupiter

According to NASA’s Exoplanet Database, 6 of the ten exoplanets found this year are larger than the planet Jupiter. These include HD 69123 b which is the size of the gas giant and is three times that of Jupiter and is 245 light-years away from Earth. According to NASA, it orbits a K-type star and takes more than three years to complete each trip around its host star.

Many small exoplanets were also detected

Many smaller exoplanets have also been detected by astronomers. These include LTT 1445 AC, a potentially rocky world that is one and a half times the size of Earth. It takes a little over three days to complete your host’s class. It is an M-type star that is about 22 light-years away. So far, NASA has cataloged nearly 5,000 exoplanets, near and far, scattered across 3,600 star systems.

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