Naib Tehsildar Arrested in the Bribe Case In Baramulla, Jammu and Kashmir

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) on Thursday arrested Naib Tehsildar Habibullah Mir in Kunjar tehsil of Baramulla district while accepting a bribe of five thousand rupees. ACB also searched his house from where many incriminating documents have been recovered.

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It is alleged that he had demanded a bribe of thirty thousand rupees for cutting down an old walnut tree. The inspection of the matter is going on. The ACB said that the complainant had lodged a complaint with the agency against Naib Tehsildar Habibullah, demanding a bribe of Rs 30,000 for allowing him to cut a walnut tree.
According to the complainant, the tree was very old, it could have fallen at any time. Due to this, there was a possibility of damage not only to his house but also to any member of the family. 

The matter was settled in twenty thousand, the
the complainant approached the authorities for permission to cut the tree. The concerned Naib Tehsildar went to the spot and asked for a bribe of 30 thousand rupees for giving permission. Later, the matter was settled for Rs 20000. The complainant also deposited Rs 10000 in the bank account of the Naib Tehsildar. After this, on Thursday, he was taking five thousand cash, when the ACB arrested him. 

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