Amarnath Yatra: 50 percent additional arrangements done for the Devotees

The preparations for Baba Barfani Shri Amarnath Yatra are being made this time keeping in mind the number of passengers is 50 percent more than normal. Due to the non-availability of Amarnath Yatra during the Corona period, the government is assuming that this time the number of devotees will be more than usual.

Amarnath Yatra news

In such a situation, additional 50 percent arrangements will be made for the smooth movement of devotees including accommodation. Snowfall has reduced on the Yatra route, due to which work will start from the first week of April. It will be completed by May 15.

Instructions in this regard were issued in a review meeting held under the chairmanship of Pandurang K Pole, Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir on Thursday. The Divisional Commissioner said that Amarnath Yatra has not been held in the last two years due to the Corona epidemic. This may have an impact on the number of pilgrims in the Yatra this year. He said that the number of passengers will have to be considered more.

In view of this, 50 percent of additional arrangements will have to be made this time. Issuing instructions to all the departments related to travel arrangements, the Divisional Commissioner said that from the camping site to the parking lot, health, water, toilets, and all other arrangements should be made keeping in view the possible growth of passengers.

Roads will be wide on the Yatra route

The Divisional Commissioner said that wherever there are tight junctions on the roads connected with Shri Amarnath Yatra Route, they should be widened in time. Apart from this, wherever there has been damage due to cloudburst incidents last year, necessary repair work should be completed.

Corona Testing and Oxygen Booths
Will Be Made During Shri Amarnath Yatra, special arrangements will be made for testing of passengers, and oxygen booths will also be set up to deal with emergencies. Horsemen will also be called from other districts to provide adequate services to the devotees. It has been asked to register on time.

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